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The vision of Granada Law is to provide a thoughtful, efficient and nimble practice dedicated to business law and specialty litigation.

We are a seasoned, tech-savvy, and creative law practice designed to provide valuable legal services for our clients. This practice is based on efficient and straight forward services and fair pricing models.

We approach each client with professionalism, compassion and candor in order to develop the best strategies for the client’s situation

We Can Make a Difference

You will encounter some type of legal problem during your lifetime. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the legal system and the actions of those you encounter, these problems are a complicated maze of daunting hurdles.

Whether it be a business facing a tough legal issue, a corporation trying to sell its products, or an individual who has been harmed, our business law and litigation background have helped our clients to navigate a successful solution.

At Granada Law we aspire to change that reality – We can make a difference

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