Pelvic Mesh

Pelvic MeshIf you or a loved one has had a pelvic medical device inserted in the last five years, call us to learn more about your legal rights and options.

FDA Warning Issued

The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has warned of and is investigating serious injuries caused by pelvic mesh medical devices. In 2011, the FDA issued a report which outlined their concerns and the dangers potentially linked to these medical devices. These pelvic medical devices include transvaginal mesh, bladder mesh, pelvic sling and bladder sling devices. These pelvic devices are frequently used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress incontinence (SUI) in women. Injuries include: erosion of vaginal tissue, pain, perforation of the bowel, bladder or blood vessels. These types of pelvic medical devices are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, American Medical Solutions and others.